This is not a public journal. There is no theme, agenda, or overall purpose. I need a reason to write and it needs to be well informed. I consider myself an expert in only one subject, my own thoughts. I am reflecting my experiences onto the internet because this seems to make them more beautiful to me, especially when they are idealized and inaccurate. This is not a mirror for me to see myself looking back, nor is it a mirror that reflects a detailed image of myself to others. This page is but a jumble of letters, words, and ideas that will be interpreted differently for each person, including myself. There are no mirrors because these thoughts are directionless, inaccurate, and fuzzy; a vague, splotchy reflection of McKinley.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Withers Family

So I haven't posted in way too long. I have a million half-written things and I never posted any of it. This is worth putting on here mostly for my wonderful family to read. It's my first poetry post: enjoy. 

What is a Willow? A willow is a large tree, though it’s not the tallest, it gets more beautiful with age. It has long, gentle branches, that reach out patiently. Its leaves make delicate crafts with little wind. The oldest, wisest, most responsible of trees. My oldest sister is Willow.

What is an Allyssum? An allyssum is a small flower. Like carpet it covers garden grounds and brings color to dreary dirt. Its daring roots will go anywhere, mobile and agile. They stay near the surface, always smiling at the sun. My big sister is Allyssum.

What is a Wren? A Wren is a small, inconspicuous bird; kind, quick, and soft spoken; though, you’ve heard its loud song. It’s fast for its size. Racing through open skies. My older brother is Wren. 

What is McKinley? McKinley is a mountain. A collision of plates in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s bulky in its build and rough on the edges. It’s rocks are stiff. It sits alone in snowy skies, watches over the weak, strong and stubborn. I am McKinley.

What is Eden? The Bible says Eden was once a garden. Eden brings all nature together, creates a home for those who’ve left protective walls. She welcomes trees, flowers, birds, and mountains; brings us together. Many believe Eden to be the beginning of humanity, but for us she’s the end. My youngest sister is Eden.

What does it mean to wither? To wither is to weaken: flowers too dry to breathe, faith that doesn’t grow, wrinkled, wilted life. But withers are different. Withers are the high shoulders of a horse. Strong enough to sit on. Strong enough to keep travelers traveling. Withers carry the weak for miles, unaffected by heavy loads. Withers are strong from birth. Withers is our last name.