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Our perceptions do not accurately reflect reality. If we saw what was really in the mirror we would see ourselves as much more beautiful, capable, and strong. My hope is to reflect vague pieces of truth about ourselves, our experiences, and the people we love. These thoughts will be reflected without mirrors so the true beauty of life can confidently stare back at us through the haze.

Father, Mother

Every year I’m not sure what else to say. The card may be different but the message is always the same. I love you. Thank you. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, this message needs to be repeated because your love for me is repeated every day. I love you. Thank you.

I haven’t always appreciated you like I should. In fact I still don’t. 

That’s the best part about unconditional love. There is no expected retribution. Maybe I receive your love conditionally at times but I know it is given openly regardless of my behavior. Thank you.I love you. 

I am lucky to have parents that are experts in the field. They have over thirty years of experience, they know the tricks of the trade. Their parenting reflects what they are best at. Loving.

Letting me wake them up and sleep between them after a bad dream.

Patiently teaching me the same lessons even after I ignore their guidance.

They always have been okay with what I do and what I want to be.

They encourage me to dream big.

They find opportunities …